Kris T. Huang, MD, PhD, CTO


Mapping image registration confidence

Automated TG-132 patient-specific QA

  Pre- (green) and post-treatment                 (magenta) CT fusion
   Registration confidence heat map
         (Red: low, blue/green: high)


Kris T. Huang, MD, PhD, CTO


Advanced interactive visualization in Autofuse

Real-time volumetric rendering–
See and explore the human body like never before



MRI or CT? Tell us what you think!

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Today we’re lifting the curtain on the machine perception technology behind Autofuse, and showing how it works step by step in a complicated head and neck case and a pediatric spine growth case using scans taken 31 months apart! We also provide a glimpse of the future of patient-specific QA for deformable registration, and how Autofuse technology can be used to monitor how radiation treatment to the spine affects vertebral body growth in children.

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